The 2013 Plexus Leaders Retreat

2013 Leaders Retreat
Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort
Amelia Island, Florida
October 24 – 27, 2013
Plexus will award you credits for the Leaders Retreat every time a new Ambassador joins Plexus with a Welcome Pack on your first 4 Levels, each time a brand new Personally Sponsored Preferred Customer places their first order with a PV of 50 or more, and based on your own Personal Volume for the months of June, July, and August!
Contest Dates: June 1st – September 15th
 New Ambassadors with a Welcome Pack  
 Level 1 – 10 Credits 
 Level 2 – 10 Credits
 Level 3 – 10 Credits
 Level 4 – 10 Credits
New Personally Sponsored Preferred Customers (w/50 PV+)
Level 1 – 5 Credits
Total Personal Volume (PV) per month – June, July, and August
200 – 499.99 PV – 10 Credits
500 – 999.99 PV – 40 Credits
1000 PV and up – 100 Credits
To Qualify to attend the 2013 Leaders Retreat, you must earn 600 Credits
*Qualifying earns a room at the Omni for yourself and one guest
Once you have reached 600 Credits, you can earn even more prizes! 
Special Event (spa, golf, etc.) – 800 Credits
$300 Travel Voucher – 1200 Credits
Private Reception with Executives – 1800 Credits
$2,000 Cash – 2500 Credits
$5,000 Shopping Spree in NY w/Plexus Executive – 3500 Credits
(plus airfare and 2 night stay for you and a guest)
The top 4 Credit Earners get upgraded to a Suite!
The Credits are cumulative, meaning that if you reach, for example, 1200 total Credits, you qualify to attend the Leaders Retreat and get a room for the weekend, a Special Event, and the $300 Travel Voucher!
And remember, this isn’t the only contest you can get involved with right now! Each month, we will award the two Ambassadors that help the most Ambassadors on their first 4 Levels reach the rank of Silver with the Silver Star Trip! Click here to find out what you can earn – it includes a free trip to Plexus Home Office in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona!

Another Example of Great Success with Plexus

Convention was such a success this year, it is very clear that everyone in attendance has not only new tools and knowledge under their belt but a renewed fire for Plexus. An email was forwarded to us yesterday from an Ambassador whose name is becoming more and more synonymous with rapid growth and success.

Sapphire Ambassador Helen McFadden had this to share about her unbelievable journey and her time at convention:

“Hello! Below is something I posted on our Group page on Facebook for my team. I think just writing it all out made it really hit home what has happened in the last (almost) 9 months. I still have trouble believing that this can really happen:

So very proud of so many of you who have MOVED UP! Just JAW-DROPPING, INCREDIBLE – Since the birth of our Team last September, less than 9 months ago – when none of us had even heard of Plexus – we now have 2 Sapphires, 2 Emeralds, 4 Sr. Rubies, 11 Sr. Golds and 30 Golds!! There are no words, really. I know I say that all the time, but it’s true – you all leave me speechless!

I wanted you to see it – not to brag – but for you just to see what’s happened since Sept. 4th, 2012. It’s such a reflection of this amazing company, amazing products, and amazing executives that have created the greatest company of all time! I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my most grateful heart for starting this company and providing myself and my team a life that we could only ever dream about before. I am so blessed to have met Sheila Medina almost 20 years ago in a different company, and that we “divinely” reconnected on Facebook last August!

Just like Dr. Suzanne Peterson said at convention, “What a difference a phone call can make.” Convention was over-the-top incredible. It solidified the fact that the Plexus Opportunity is without a doubt, THE Opportunity of Our Lifetime! I cannot wait to see many new faces on stage at the next Convention. Dreams really do come true in Plexus!

Wow, thank you so much Helen – what an amazing journey for you and your Plexus Team!

Do you have a story or know an Ambassador that should be in the Plexus Spotlight?Send their story in to!

News from Convention!

New Plexus X Factor!
Available now! Plexus X Factor is a turbocharged multivitamin and antioxidant supplement with a never-before-seen formulation of a patented aloe blend, New Zealand Blackcurrant, and vitamins and minerals – all of which results in vastly improved absorption and assimilation for optimal nutrition and wellness protection.
Ambassador: $31.95
Preferred Customer: $34.95
Retail Customer: $39.95

2013 Leaders Retreat! 
The 2013 Leaders Retreat contest has begun, and we are headed to the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort in Florida from October 24th – 27th!

New Product Catalog!
Available today! Our new product catalog is an all-in-one tool for you to give to potential Ambassadors and Customers. With information on the Company, our Ambassadors, the Opportunity, and all of our products, this catalog takes Plexus to the next level!
Only $12.99 for a 25-pack of top quality catalogs!

Fast Relief Cream Samples!
Ambassadors can now give out samples of our popular Fast Relief Cream! Sample pouches come with 30 1.8ml sample packets of the Cream for only $22.49!
Log in to your Back Office today to get the new Fast Relief Sample packets, Product Catalogs, and X Factor today! 
Please note:

X Factor and Fast Relief Sample Packets are available online today, and are estimated to arrive at pick-up locations by Wednesday. Product Catalogs will arrive at the Biloxi Satellite Office on Friday and will be distributed to pick-up locations from there.

2013 “My Plexus Journey” Convention – Day One (so far!)

Day one of the 2013 “My Plexus Journey” Convention has begun! We’ve still got a ton of fun ahead for the weekend, but here are a few snapshots from the Hilton New Orleans Riverside!




A Relieving Testimonial


“I was excited to listen to the conference call with Dr. Dennis Harris a couple weeks ago. I am even more excited about the Fast Relief products and the testimonies that are surfacing from these amazing products – and now I have one from my own family.

Back in March we visited with our son and his family. Our daughter-in-law, Amy, has suffered greatly since an auto accident in January especially in her neck and back. She has been to several doctors and been treated at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. She has been on pain killers, which basically rendered her unable to function in her job and as a wife and mother.

The night we arrived she was experiencing a huge amount of pain, so I asked if she would be willing to try the Fast Relief capsules and cream. She said she would be willing to try ANYTHING because nothing else was working for her. She took 4 capsules and rubbed on the cream. The next morning she was so excited to tell me that she had slept better than before the accident. She is ecstatic and feels that she now has her life back. She is so happy to be working again and is telling everyone about these “miracle products.”

Thank you so much for great products and a great business.”

– Ann Tayloe, Silver Ambassador

Thanks to Ann Tayloe, who sent in this great Fast Relief testimonial! If you have a story about the Plexus products you would like to share,  please send it to!

Weekly Leaders

The 2013 “My Plexus Journey” Convention is less than two weeks away, and we are in full momentum! Plexus is spreading across the map, and each week we are seeing new names on our weekly leaders list! 

Will your name be here next week?

Congratulations to all of last week’s Top Performers! 

Top Enrollers

Celeste Gwynn

Nicole Macri

Brett Simcoe

David L. Allison

Imelda Heintz

Tenecia McDaniel

Amber Kennell

Brandy White

Char South

Christy Toomer

Most Business Building Bonuses (will be paid this Friday)

Jenn Hawkins

Helen McFadden

Celeste Gwynn

Erin Harrison

Angel Fletcher

Sonya Dudley

Farrah Hashaw

Alyssa Adkins

Amy Cunnington

Carol Ulmer

Kaci Self

Most New Preferred Customers

Maria Martin

Robin Elsenrath

Gail Green

Brittany Babin

Tracie Doyal

Linda George

Melissa Darby

Alicia McKee

Elizabeth James

Laura Angelo

Rayne Spaulding

Hollie Goodman

Susanne Clinton

Thanks for all of your hard work!

Plexus goes to Chinle, AZ

On May 10, Plexus Sapphire Ambassadors Coach and Patti Cuevas, along with Plexus Director of Sales and Media James Elliott and Plexus Ambassador Janet Maccaro left Phoenix on a 6 1/2 hour journey to a destination in Northeastern Arizona in the Four Corners area.

They were headed for the town of Chinle on the Navajo Reservation, to help Plexus Ambassadors Dr. Michael and Tierra Maccaro bring the Plexus story to the Native American world. The town of Chinle is at the entrance to the Canyon De Chelly National Park, one of the most beautiful natural scenic wonders in the world that many prefer over the Grand Canyon.

The first meeting took place that night in the gymnasium of the elementary school, and Coach and Patti were at their best, presenting Plexus to the crowd who had gathered. The next morning, many came out on to hear them again. They were eager to hear about this exciting new idea in weight management that deals with controlling blood sugar, since Native Americans suffer from diabetes at epidemic levels.

They were amazed by Coach’s testimony as he told how he gradually improved from taking 4 insulin shots a day to none. Plexus Worldwide is proud to be able to offer a solid solutions to these difficult health challenges in the Native American community and we salute Dr. Michael and Tierra Maccaro as they spread the message if hope to their neighbors throughout the Reservation Lands.