New Plexus Welcome Pack!

With the new Plexus 96, Fast Relief Cream and Fast Relief Capsules, we thought it was time for a new Welcome Pack option as well! This new option is one heck of a deal – look at everything new Ambassadors can get for $199!

$199 Welcome Pack J

(1) 30-Day Supply of Plexus Slim

(1) 30-Day Supply of Accelerator

(1) 120-ct. Bottle of Bio Cleanse

(1) 60-ct. Bottle of ProBio5

(1) 4oz. Bottle of Fast Relief Cream

(1) 60-ct. Bottle of Fast Relief Capsules

(1) 12 Individual Packs of Plexus 96

(3) Decision Packs

(1) Plexus Starter Kit

This new Welcome Pack is available now! Visit your Sponsor’s Plexus website or take their ID# to to Join Plexus today!


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