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Advancing Plexus Ambassadors!

Scroll down to see the Advancing Ambassadors for November, 2012! To see this month’s entire list of Rank Advancements, visit: http://www.plexusworldwide.com/rankadvancement/

New Ruby Ambassadors

Fred Murphy | Harold Mire | Jeff Chouest | Lori Harrison | Marcy Kavanaugh |Mistie Perry | Mona Mire

New Sr. Gold Ambassadors

Ashlie Crow | Carissa Debono Wellbelove | Challana Dean | Charles Sullivan |Donna Pollard | End of the Road Mission | Jeanette Collins | Jennifer Daly |Kathleen Bernard | Nicholas Harris | Nicole Dugas

New Gold Ambassadors

April Powell | Dana Benson | Darrel Berry | Dawn Hammons | End of the Road Mission For His Glory Mission | Helen McFadden | Helping Hands Mission | Iris Nadine Ekes | Jan Cote | Jeremy Crow | Jessica Hotard | Nolan Hebert |Richard Chamberlain | Sonya Dudley | Stacey Zeringue | Stephanie Schuppan |Terri Tolar | Tracey Rotinsky

On Friday, we announced on our Facebook Page(www.Facebook.com/PlexusSlim) that we would be refunding the $9.95 Super Saturday registration fee for 10 random Ambassadors that registered for one of the 15 events, and then left a comment on our post. Congratulations to the 10 winners (city they are attending Super Saturday in parentheses) – your refunds are being processed!

J.T. Morgan (Jackson, MS)

Alicia Buswell (Monroe, LA)

Debi Dungan (Pensacola, FL)

Connie LeBleu (Lake Charles, LA)

Lori Heiman (Scottsdale, AZ)

Cathy Nesmith (Jacksonville, FL)

Lynda Field (Waco, TX)

Judy Turner (Memphis, TN)

Andrea Camille (Lake Charles, LA)

Janeen Bevan (Pensacola, FL)

To register for one of the Super Saturday Ambassador Training events, log in to your Back Office and click on Event Registration on the menu bar! The venue location for each city is included in the event’s description.